Maria Pascual

Maria Pascual

San Francisco, CA

Maria Pascual is a global jewelry brand founded by Maria, she is the proud owner and designer of the brand. From the early days selling her jewels at local markets, Maria learned the importance of getting in touch with people. Her entrepreneurial spirit made her follow her instincts, and her dream of making every women out there feel empowered and self-confident in her affordable unique jewels became true. Inspired by her many travels around the world, Maria has since been through an exciting journey all the way from being a small business to becoming an internationally renowned brand. Our original handmade creations plated in gold are a perfect match for the fearless smart girl with a great sense of style. All of our pieces are conceived to be mixed and matched in order to create looks that can work for every occasion, becoming, when worn, an extension of every girl’s personality.

Our ongoing collection is always evolving, and we keep on adding new pieces right along following Maria’s creative beat.

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