Geneva, CH

Ikepod is a watch brand since 1994.

OUR STORY 1994- 2018

Ikepod unleashed several trends in the watchmaking of the 1990s by boldly increasing watch size and promoting craftsmanship and limited editions. Preempting the vogue of concept watches and independent manufacture, Ikepod adorned the wrists of artists, designers and Silicon Valley stars. The brand is often remembered for its cult 1998 Hemipode watch of elliptic forms and UFO allure. By 2008 Ikepod was swimming against the tide of the watch industry crisis and it maneuvered a repositioning of its brand in the luxury market with exclusive collections in gold and platinum (from 5 000 to 25 000 USD) and cool collaboration with artists Kaws and Jeff Koons.

In 2018 the brand was relaunched by new owners with the motto : same design, new prices. Ikepod watches are now more affordable, they give joy and value for money. Ikepod is the vintage watch from the future.




Duopod Midnight Blue . A deep illuminous blue design both versatile and descreet. Iconic watch.


IKEPOD Chronopod

IKEPOD Chronopod

Chronopod Blue Suede. An illusive blue dial which changes in the light, an iconic timepiece.


IKEPOD  Megapod Alexandre

IKEPOD Megapod Alexandre

Automatic watch. 3 hands, Hours / Minutes / seconds. Modernity and the future interpreted.


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