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Home isn’t just a place–it’s a vibe.

We built a home that creates real connections with really smart products. So if you’re keen on picking up good vibrations, stop in and make yourself @home.

See where we’re going.

We’ll stop. You stay a while.

Our digs are rolling into your city soon. Find the nearest stop, come in, and get comfy. Check for details on special events with tunes, drinks, and special prizes in each location.

Relax, connect, be@home

Home, smart home.

Whether you rock an open floor plan or a cozy pied-à-terre, see how our collection of products work together to seamlessly create a place where you can truly be@home. Let Roomba get the floors, and ask Google Assistant to turn up the music and tone down the lights. Then dance, if you want to. You’re @home, so you do you.

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